Aquanauts C.A. Founded in the year 2000 on Margarita Island by Rafael Alcala.

Formed in the Venezuelan federation of submarine activities "FVAS". He's sticking out in almost all sub aquatic activities and commences with the idea to convert his hobby into a way to make a living.

Team Aquanauts
In that particular form Aquanauts becomes a showpiece of the sub aquatically wonder world with its natural beauty of our charming margarita island dedicating him to organize tours, excursions, diving courses, snorkelling, free diving as well as sport fishing for all those who like adventure and look forward to live through an unforgettable experience.

After being in the market for three years Aquanauts is the leader when it comes to dedication and growth becoming an example to fulfil all the requirements the law and international standards put up. Proven by the following documentation:

The commercial denomination Aquanauts C.A. is authorized and registered in the vice ministry of tourism as well as in Corpotur, it is national and regional juridical person before the second Registro Mercantil of Nuevo Esparta.

Registered by the District of Mariño through the Industry and commerce licence,

Patent Nº 2-147788-0-9, Registered and subscribed in the FVAS, affiliation Nº IA-101 F.V.A.S. and Registered in I.N.E.A.. Permit of the aquatic transport TTAC Nº 205, Complete Naval and INEA Register, Insurance of international civil responsibility for US $ 1 000 000,00 plus an insurance against accidents with national companies, (as asked for by the law).
Aquanauts posses two wooden boats one of those measures 11metres long and 3.7metres wide and the other is 8.70metres long and 2.75 wide, equipped with three and two outboard motors respectively which makes our boats faster and safer for our customers.

With a qualified first class team whish takes care of every detail to your day an unforgettable experience. 

Aquanauts works directly from the Island Margarita, Venezuela : its main office is in the Hotel Perla Palace and as diving centres most of the mayor hotels.

Hotel Laguna Mar Resort & Casino. 
Hotel Pueblo Caribe.
Hotel Hesperia Playa el Agua.
Hotel Hesperia Isla Margarita. 
Hotel Flamenco villas.

Rafael Aguilar DM-182230 English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian 
Juan Alonzo DM-186455 
- English, Spanish
Giovanni Sandoval DM- 187468- English, Spanish 
Eugenio Escobar DM-175190 - English, Spanish
Anim Hernández DM- ”en tramite” - English, Spanish, German
Alexandra Potika DM - ”en tramite” – Polish, Russian, English, Spanish, German.
Rafael Alcala Master Instrutor OWMI-179035
Hugo Marino Course Director OWCD - 85398,
Alejandro Sallet OWSI- 151867 

• Español 
• Inglés 
• Alemán 
• Portugués 
• Italiano
• Polaco
• Ruso 

National and International Affiliation:
International PADI Resort, To subscribe now! 

• FVAS –CMAS Nº101
• Full Day to the Archipielago Los Frailes, 40 min of navigation from the Port of Los Tiranos

• Part Time to the small barren island of EL FARALLON

• Transfers Airport/Hotel, (For the Packages of diving)
• Transfers Hotel/Port/Hotel
• Place of diving: In the Boats of Aquanauts.
• Trips of diving: To see list of plans

• " Los Frailes" archipelago formed by but of 7 islands with more than 20 places of diving.
• “El Farallón”Island rocky, near Porlamar with two sites of diving with Maxima depth of 14.5 mts
• “Los Roques” National park, with more than one hundred islands. The better of the world (40 min. in Airplane)

• In“Los Frailes”: Limited depth of 35 to 40 meters, depth average 15 to 18 meters stops most of the divings.

• BCD's: DACOR 2001, MARES 2001, Sherwood. 
• Regulators: DACOR 2001, SHERWOOD 
• Diving suit: complete body 3mm DACOR y MARES.


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